Graham Group Overview


The Graham Group is an alliance of independently owned and operated advanced manufacturing and investment management businesses that share in the common legacy of engineer and entrepreneur Don Graham.

After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1956 with two engineering degrees Don worked in a series of engineering management roles, both in industry and in the U.S. Army.

In 1960, at age 27 Don founded Graham Engineering in a farmhouse basement in a rural area of York County in central Pennsylvania. From that modest beginning, Don built three global manufacturing businesses which today collectively generate several billion dollars in annual revenue, one in plastics packaging, one in material processing technology/equipment, and one in building products. Don was able to achieve this growth without ever raising any third-party equity, funding the growth of his operating businesses through internally-generated cash flow.

Through Don's success, The Graham Group has also spawned five independent investment firms which today manage several billion dollars of internal capital for Graham and 3rd party capital for external institutional investors. First, Graham Capital manages an endowment-style portfolio of investments in marketable securities and alternative investment funds for The Graham Group, all internal capital, while also overseeing the legacy operating businesses and direct private investment portfolio of The Graham Group. Second, Graham Partners and Inverness Graham are independent Registered Investment Advisors, managing committed capital under private equity structures for institutional investors, including leading university endowments, charitable foundations, and pensions funds. Finally, Graham Software Development and Striker Partners manage internal Graham Group capital and make direct investments in a variety of sectors, including software development/information technology, education, and sports.

The following operating and investment management businesses share the Graham Legacy.

Investment Concerns & Other:

  • Graham Capital
  • Graham Partners
  • Striker Partners
  • Inverness Graham Investments
  • Graham Software Development

Legacy Industrial Concerns:

  • Graham Engineering
  • Graham Architectural
  • Graham Packaging

Note: Graham Packaging is 100 percent owned by Reynolds Group Holdings, Ltd.